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GT Radial requires your contact information to use for the reloadable Smart visa card as one of the rewards, if you meet the minimum requirements. Any payouts are applied to this card. The VISA card will be made with the details supplied below.

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As a participating Associate Dealer, I agree to all terms and conditions of the GT Radial Associate Dealer Program. I understand that this program does not expire, but may be terminated at any time during the year if I fail to meet all GT Radial requirements for the program. I agree to submit reports that the program requires. I understand that GITI Tire (USA) Ltd. has the right to cancel or change the program without notice. All enrollments are subject to review prior to approval.

I further agree, during and after the term of the program, to keep confidential and not disclose any information regarding the GT Radial Associate Dealer Program or other proprietary information of Giti Tire (USA) Ltd. or its affiliates.